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Simultaneous Interpretation is one of the leading translation services provided by INT Solutions and consists of interpreting statements in real-time with the speaker.

Interpreters listen to what the speaker says and translate it into other languages for seamless delivery.

The most significant benefit of this type of translation is that the participants can track the course of events in real-time and react to information, such as jokes or questions, alongside all other attendees. This solution is the most economical for time, as all language versions are available for everyone simultaneously. For example, at a recent conference, we delivered simultaneous translation for delegates in twenty languages.

Simultaneous interpreting requires from an interpreter perfect command of language, resistance to stress, high divisibility of attention, reflexes and impeccable fluency of speech.

Simultaneous interpreting requires two interpreters who change every 20-30 minutes to maintain focus and precision interpretation. We provide the specific equipment needed to deliver this kind of multilingual project and our offering will be devised and implemented with your requirements and specific industries in mind.


Consecutive interpreting creates gaps in the fluidity of delivery as the speaker pauses their delivery to allow the translator to interpret their previous passage or statement.

This works well for shorter speeches or times when you want the audience or delegates to focus on the speaker and what is being said separately, such as negotiations, mediations and ceremonies.


Certified consecutive interpreting is used when the statements made must be legally certified. This may include declarations before a notary public, a state institution, or a court in either civil or legal environments.

Our interpreters have the required qualifications to ensure our client's comfort and safety.


Confidential assignments are managed by our interpreters who have security clearance, authorizing them access to information classified as:



We arrange meetings with language interpretation both online as well as in hybrid mode. We offer our clients facilities in our recording studio for privacy and ease. We can also arrange for a recording room in a space designated by our clients (hotel, office, etc.)

Our experienced project management team are available to adapt to the client's requirements, and our experienced technicians are used to working in different environments.

We offer streaming services in multiple languages, live broadcasting with live editing as well as streaming to social media or to a dedicated website.

We can provide test connections for meetings, rehearsals and online speaking training for speakers to prepare them to perform great in front of the camera in a digital environment.

Our interpreters are trained and certified users of several leading remote conferencing platforms.

The connection originates from our studio, where we can guarantee the internet connection and can access professional equipment and give quality assurance thanks to our perfected audio
conditioned rooms.


Our voiceover and subtitle professional translation service includes the recording of a native speaker in the selected language. We offer a complete media translation solution, such as translation and preparation of a recording or subtitles for a recording or informational video.

We can create subtitles for online recordings in popular subtitle formats or prepare the final forms of audio-visual materials. Our team includes translators who specialize in subtitling across all foreign markets.

In addition to translating recordings, we have an extensive database of creators who offer voiceover
services in multiple languages by native speakers. These are created and delivered within our professional studio environment.


Chuchotage is the process of simultaneous interpretation for 1-2 people where no equipment is required. The interpreter is located next to the listeners and whispers the interpretation in the desired language.

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