We believe your words carry power when they're understood.


We offer state-of-the-art conference equipment for a complete conference and interpretation experience no matter the length or content of our Conference.

With the expertise of our technicians, we successfully face the biggest challenges and succeed in our delivery of your message, regardless of the span of the chosen space.

What we offer:

PA systems | Booths, headsets, microphones

Discussion systems | Voting systems

Presentation equipment | Visualizers

Projectors | LCD monitors

Videoconferencing | Interactive solutions

Multimedia | Media streaming

Live broadcasts | Editing (including "live" editing)

Lighting systems | Stage platforms

Multimedia lecterns




Every event is different; that is why we have the experience to adapt our modern and reliable equipment to the specifics of each event or space.

You will always enjoy on-site comfort and reliable service provided by our technicians.

What we offer:

Booths | Earphones

Microphones | Mobile Tour Guide translation system

PA systems


We operate in all European countries and worldwide. We travel to wherever our clients need us.
If you need an interpreter in the middle of nowhere, we travel to the desired location or offer cooperation with our local partner.

We work with many local translators, technical companies, event companies and fixers, to best support our customers on-site.


We can prepare all conference materials for your event to rest assured that every message is understood. We can support your needs from stationery and collateral (such as notepads and delegate badges) to roller banners, printed walls or external marketing signage.

We translate the content of your materials into any language, and our team of graphic designers ensure their original meaning will not be lost.

We produce video coverage of all events as well as professional photographic coverage.


We are open to all ideas and needs. We have been operating in the industry for over 15 years, which has allowed us to accumulate extensive experience and a network of contacts. We present solutions, analyze possibilities and limitations of each available option.


We take full responsibility for the preparation of the Conference in all its aspects - from the logistics registration to the delivery and online streaming.

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